Passion & Desire:


This collection of more than 200 photographs seduces the viewer’s sensibilities with a world of highly-charged eroticism. 30 world-class photographers, each with their own impeccable vision and taste, have put together their best work in this fabulous volume.Always the centre of attention are charismatic models whose erotic beauty takes one’s breath away...

Andreas Ender, Beat A. von Weissenfluh, Bryce Lankard, Daniel Gieseke, Gabriele Rigon, Gery Luger, Gorden Thye, Heidy Larisch, John Running, Kai Schwarzer, Marc Collins, Marco Tenaglia, Mark Goldberg, Martin Boelt, Paul Himmel, Peter Eisfeld, Raemond, Ralph Man, Thomas Schweizer, Roman Kasperski, Tom Cooper, Ulrich Hartmann, Stefan Söll, Manfred Baumann, Stephane Bourson, Zoe Wiseman, Björn Oldsen, Steve Rowland, Roman Märzinger, Stefan Hoyer.
Edited by Markus Hofmann & Christian Zillner. Original English-German edition. About 192 pp., over 200 pictures in color and b/w. Hardcover thread-bound 21 x 26,4 cm.

Clean Fine Art Gallery:

clean fine art
" Clean Fine Art" - is a cooperation of about 20 nude and erotic-art photographers, that operates as agency and internetplatform. Here within, their work is presented in a book-edition, which also gives you a range of different lights and technique...

Ahura Azan, Manfred Baumenn, Sylvie Blum, Martin Boelt, Marc Collins, Michael Diehl, Christian Grünewald, Norbert Guthier, Jiri Hampl, Herbert W. Hesselmann, Paul Himmel, Roman Kasperski, Ralph Kerpa, Freya Mertens, John Morst, Björn Oldsen, Gabriele Rigon, Herbert Horst Staack, Gordon Thye, Carsten Tschach, Rikk Zimmerli.

Edited by Markus Hofmann & Christian Zillner. Original English-German edition. About 128 pp., over 100 pictures in color and b/w. Hardcover thread-bound 24,5 x 33 cm. 
Angel`s Delight:

This unique collection of more than 160 photos contains special images of an erotic, magical world, a world of imagination, probably already familiar to us from our secret fantasies.
Angel’s Delight takes as its subject fantasy, and contains photographic visions by nine top photographers. Breathtakingly beautiful models appear to have grown angel’s wings, while other pictures bring to mind figures from Greek myths. Still others remind us of elves, creatures of the Amazon or inhabitants of lost and forgotten worlds. Always the focus of attention are beautiful women, with perhaps a piece of bare metal adorning their naked skin, wearing leather or perhaps a touch of lacquer.
Allow this inspiring and masterful collection of photographs to take you on a journey to the heart of eroticism, where the only limits are your imagination. Let yourself be seduced by this masterful collection of images, which every aficionado of fantasy, fetish and erotic photography will find much to please...

Manuela Schneider, Martin Boelt, Roman Kasperski, Wolf Müller Funke, Vincent O´Bryne, Björn Oldsen, Leroy Roper, Emil Schildt, Stefan Söll, Beat A. von Weissenfluh.

Edited by Markus Hofmann & Christian Zillner. Original English-German edition. Approx. 144 pp., over 160 pictures in color and b/w. Hardcover thread-bound.